Who Ever Said Nonprofits Can't Earn Revenue?

Just because you’re a nonprofit doesn’t mean you can’t generate revenue and grow your organization. In fact, nonprofit organizations in the U.S. generate over $900 billion each year, making over 5% of the nation’s GDP.

Profitable products and services are an essential part of any impact organization. Just look at the Girl Scouts of America.

That was the big takeaway from the Scalable Nonprofit Workshop hosted by NotleyEDU. This morning, the Notley team did a deep dive into creating earned-revenue models that support organizational growth with some of Austin’s nonprofit leaders.

Notley Managing Partner and Co-founder, Matt McDonnell, covered the ins and outs of creating scalability for your nonprofit by breaking down exactly how to use products and services to generate revenue and project year-over-year growth. In order to maximize impact, nonprofits have many business model options to choose from, including fee for service, content licensing, product sales and B2B contracts to name a few.


The workshop was attended by organizations of all sizes and shapes, from single-staffed nonprofits starting from scratch, to organizations with 20+ employees and multiple revenue streams.

Each nonprofit received their own Financial Workbook, walking away with unit economics and a pro forma to begin implementing into their nonprofit model.

To get a high-level overview of some of the topics we dove into at this morning’s workshop, check out NotleyEDU’s 3-part Whiteboard Friday Video series on nonprofit scalability.


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