Goals & OKRs for Nonprofits

Learn how to utilize Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) to set goals that energize you and your team, and accelerate the impact of your organization.

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You'll walk away from this course with:

  • A clear understanding of the OKR methodology and best practices
  • Real-life examples of effective nonprofit OKRs
  • An OKR template you can use to implement OKRs in your organization

Course Details

  • Format: Self-Paced
  • Length: 1-2 hours
  • Language: English
If you're passionate about achieving results for your organization, and just need the right tools to know how, this course is for you! 
Meet the instructor

Matt McDonnell

Matt McDonnell is a serial entrepreneur, investor and educator. He is a Founder of Notley and Founder and CEO of The Geyser Group, a privately held commercial real estate sponsor and investor. Matt is Notley's resident expert in real estate, finance, operations, investments and all things related to expanding impact. Matt has led high growth organizations in both the nonprofit and for profit world and gives back by teaching entrepreneurship at the Acton School of Business.
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