Episode 3 - How Nonprofits Innovate

Welcome to Episode 3 of Change The Rules. In this episode we talk with Austin Buchan, CEO of College Forward and Gina LaMotte, Executive Director of EcoRise

Remaining operational as a nonprofit while focusing on innovation takes the commitment of many stakeholder groups. You need a good business model, scaleability, creative funding, and willing board members. Both EcoRise and College Forward have worked through the same problems that many nonprofits face early on, and today they share their stories. 

Does this episode sound a little different, find out why?

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Dan Graham - Co-Founder, Notley

Lisa Graham - Co-Founder, Notley

Matt McDonnell - Managing Partner, Notley


Austin Buchan - CEO, College Forward

Gina LaMotte - Executive Director, EcoRise


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Shayna Brown - Founder, Chez Boom Audio

Madi Finley