Episode 4 - Building A Community

The Center for Social Innovation grew out of a need to sustain and grow the arts, small business and nonprofit communities in East Austin. Similar to how the Canopy development has helped keep Austin artists from being pushed out of their creative community, the Center for Social Innovation will bring individuals back into the heart of the city through affordable office and event space, as well as community and programming.

Matt McDonnell sat down with Michael Hsu, Principal at Hsu Office of Architecture, and Ryan Steglich, Principal of Steglich Consulting, to share their excitement about the Springdale General Development. When you embark on a project of this magnitude it is critical that you develop a team who shares the vision, but can also add their expertise to the mix.

Episode 4 - Building A Community

Change The Rules

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Matt McDonnell - Managing Partner, Notley


Michael Hsu - Principal, Hsu Office of Architecture

Ryan Steglich - Principal, Ryan Steglich Consulting


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Shayna Brown - Founder, Chez Boom Audio


Springdale General

Madi Finley