Episode 26 - Transcending Cycles of Poverty

natasha harper-madison podcast

Our guest today, Natasha Harper-Madison is the Founder of East Austin Advocates and currently running for Austin City Council District 1. While her life has taken a leap into the political sector, her journey began as an entrepreneur at just nineteen years old. From there she went on to found many other successful companies and philanthropic ventures, all the while, keeping her mission as her driving force. Natasha’s lifelong mission is to help transcend cycles of poverty through philanthropy. Natasha is a fighter and makes a point to live a life that leaves a legacy for her family and community. Listen now.


GUEST Natasha Harper-Madison - Candidate for Austin City Council D1

STUDIO Chez Boom Audio

PRODUCTION & EDITING Shayna Brown - Founder of Chez Boom Audio


RESOURCES www.natashaharpermadison.com