NotleyEDU Webinar: Nonprofit Scenario Planning in COVID-19
presented by the Monitor Institute by Deloitte 

OCT 8, 2020 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

You'll Walk Away With:

  • Greater clarity on what scenario planning is and how it can help your organization
  • Insight into how other social sector leaders are thinking about the future
  • Tools and resources to help you push beyond your organization’s “expected future”


The COVID-19 pandemic has created an environment of hyper-uncertainty for organizations in the social sector, as the economic crisis has weakened funders and nonprofits even as the demand for their assistance is skyrocketing. Many funders and nonprofits have completed their initial round of emergency response to the crisis, but they are struggling to contemplate what they should do next.

To help nonprofit leaders confront this challenge, the Monitor Institute by Deloitte is using the tools of scenario planning—the well-tested methodology for thinking about the future pioneered by Deloitte’s Global Business Network group—to help both funders and operating nonprofits get on their front foot in preparing for the landscape on the other side of the COVID-19 crisis. 

While it’s impossible to predict the future, this webinar will provide attendees with an understanding of the tools that can help them think about the critical uncertainties of the moment, reckon with the new “certainties” emerging from the pandemic, and think about how their strategies might (or might not) fit the different possible futures that may emerge in the coming months and years ahead.

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About the Speaker

Jennifer Holk, Manager, Monitor Institute by Deloitte

Jennifer works at the intersection of strategy and social impact at the Monitor Institute by Deloitte. She spends her time trying to make sense of the future (scenario planning), crafting justice-centered strategies for social good, and designing ways to bring innovation to all. At heart, she is a storyteller, who loves helping people and organizations move from possible to actual.

Prior to joining the Monitor Institute, Jen worked in Deloitte’s Strategy and Analytics practice, focusing on market growth and the social determinants of health. Jennifer began her career at Teach for America as an eighth grade English teacher, where she taught in Dallas, Texas. During her time with TFA, she worked as the Director for Teacher Leadership Development, where she coached teachers on instructional best practice and leadership. She is proud to have led TFA’s expansion to rural Oklahoma, where she grew up.

She received her Master’s in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and a BSBA from Oral Roberts University. She enjoys taking her golden retriever puppy on socially distanced walks in the park by her home.

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Given the ongoing pandemic and economic environment, we understand many individuals and organizations have been left in financially challenging positions. While we typically charge a nominal fee of $30 for our workshops, we will be offering this benefit to the community on a pay-what-you-can basis. We encourage individuals to contribute within their means to allow NotleyEDU to continue to provide meaningful programming to nonprofit and social impact leaders. Thank you!

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