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Welcome to the NotelyEDU Community. We hope you find this a safe space to share ideas, best practices, questions or even just to get to know each other!

Our hope is that this community will grow to support the common missions of the nonprofit community, social innovators and funders. The strength of our ecosystem is creating opportunities for interaction and connection where everyone stands to gain.

This community is made up of all users who have an account at NotleyEDU, we do not limit who can participate in this peer-supported community of practice. As such we ask that you follow the NotelyEDU Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Through your use of the NotleyEDU platform you agree to:

  • Be respectful of others and be responsible for what you post.
  • Remember the purpose of this community is to be a supportive and friendly online environment.
  • Recognize that opinions expressed here are the opinions of the members, you may not always agree, but bullying, derogatory, or hurtful remarks will not be tolerated. 
  • Stay on topic, keeping your posts relevant to our community.
  • Be supportive of others.Protect the privacy of others.
  • Respect all copyright laws.
  • Do not reprint, republish or distribute NotelyEDU materials as your own, and do not post copyrighted materials from others sites.
  • Do not advertise or otherwise promote your business, goods or services to your fellow community members. Spamming, marketing, or including links to outside commercial sites selling products or services will not be permitted.
  • Post with your own credentials; do not share login information or use another member’s login to post messages.
  • Be forgiving and supportive, online communication can be difficult, and mistakes will occur, it is not necessary to point out every typo, already answered question, or grammatical mistake.

For our part:

  • NotleyEDU will not reveal, sell or make public your profile information to third parties. Click here for more information on our privacy policy.
  • NotleyEDU is not responsible for the accuracy of user generated content.
  • NotelyEDU community posts are solely the opinion of the community member and should not be taken as factual or endorsed by NotleyEDU.
  • NotleyEDU retains the right to remove any community member who does not adhere to the Terms of Use.
Thank you for being part of the NotleyEDU community!
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